Automotive films


Film for car windows – more safety when driving your car 

Overheating, strong UV radiation and glare from the sun are frequent problems for motorists. In some cases they can even become a matter of life or death.

Our tinted films for cars make driving safer. They protect the driver from heat and glare during the day and at night. And they also protect the passengers from UV rays and overheating.

The tinted film also holds glass splinters in place and prevents them from causing injury in case of an accident. And last but not least, films for car windows let you add an optical note to your car. They are available in various colours that can be perfectly matched to the colour of the paint. The car film is scratch-proof, light-fast and easy to apply. They have a particularly long life and can be removed without leaving any residue.

All car glass films come with the respective ABG design certification.