Your Professional Partner for High-Quality Film Products

STS Windowfilms is your dependable business partner for high-quality film products. We are among the leading importers and distributors of sun protection films, window films, coloured films and privacy films in Europe. Our product line only includes top-quality glass films from renowned suppliers. That is why our films are guaranteed for up to 12 years.  

Whether you're looking for films for car windows, glare protection for glass and windows or decorative films, you're guaranteed to find it here - and always at an affordable price. We always have a wide and diverse range of films available in stock at our warehouse. Thanks to our high product availability, we can ensure delivery within 48 hours anywhere in Europe.

Numerous speciality dealers and industrial companies rely on our many years of business experience. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our company or our products, even in person.

Our offer is exclusively intended for commercial customers.