There are many ways to benefit from high-quality, multi-functional sun protection films:

  • STS solar protection films are decorative and create an attractive look for glass surfaces.
  • They protect against bright sunlight and reduce glare and heat build-up during warm weather, as well as loss of heat when it is cold outside.
  • In this respect they allow you to save energy efficiently.

Glass is a popular and often-used element in modern architecture. The transparent nature of glass allows for pleasant natural lighting, brightness and a view of the surroundings. Along with these positive characteristics, there are also serious disadvantages to using glass - from excessive glare to heat build-up and high energy costs and to the premature fading of furniture and textiles within the building. With STS solar protection films you can comfortably enjoy all the positive qualities of glass without limitation while at the same time eliminating the previously named disadvantages and reducing your heating and air conditioning costs by app. 30%. These savings are possible thanks to the special nature of STS sun protection films, which reflect external solar heat while also regulating indoor temperatures and preventing heat loss.