Pellicole Anti-Solari


Sun protection film - great for stopping heat and glare

Whether or at work or home - reliable protection from the sun is usually a necessity. Even air-conditioned rooms can quickly heat up when openly exposed to sunlight. Sunlight can also create an uncomfortable glare that makes it difficult to work. Sun protection film applied externally onto the glass can be an effective remedy. The idea is simple: The film on the external surface reflects the sun, which prevents the glass and the room behind it from heating up.

External sun protection film is especially recommended for use on angled windows and roof windows, as well as on sun and heat protection glass. Sun protection film should also be applied to the outside of gas-filled double-paned windows, as applying it to the inside could create thermal stress in the glass, which could cause it to break in a worst case scenario.
We offer a large selection of sun protection films for external use in various dimensions and designs that offer dependable protection against direct sunlight and overheating in our online store.