Pellicole per decorazioni


Coloured film – ideal for creative design

Coloured films are primarily used for creative design on façades or glass surfaces, but can also be used on vehicles. Thanks to the large selection of colours, there is no limit to the creativity of your design. Coloured films are available in black, white, silver and gold, as well as in nearly all other standard colours. If you can't find the colour you are looking for, please get in touch with us.

You can choose between transparent and non-transparent coloured films depending on the intended purpose. Transparent coloured films, for example, are ideal eye-catchers for display windows and commercial rooms. Non-transparent coloured films offer additional protection against prying eyes and provide for a very decorative outward appearance.

Coloured films are available for internal and external application depending on your needs. We have a great selection of colours and shapes for you to choose from.