Internal UV-protective films


UV protection film - your advantage over UV rays

As important as the sun is in our lives, its UV rays can have dangerous side effects. And these effects aren't limited to damage to the skin or eyes. For example, UV rays can lead to financial losses in the commercial sector. Valuable goods like furniture and textiles fade under intense exposure to UV rays and quickly lose their value.

Commercial and private rooms, as well as car interiors, can be protected against aggressive UV rays with special UV protection films. The film can block up to 99% of UV rays. This provides an incredible degree of protection against fading. Even goods in display windows can be protected against premature fading with the right UV protection film. The UV film is as clear as glass, which makes it practically invisible. It also provides shatter protection in case of glass breakage.

Our UV protection films give you perfect all-round protection. The films are also easy to clean and maintain thanks to their special surface treatment.