Safety films


Shatter Protection - Burglary Protection Film

Protection you can depend on

Glass can create a serious household danger. If your glass is broken in an accident, storm or burglary, flying glass splinters can cause serious injury and damage. With STS shatter protection film you can significantly reduce this risk and prevent the repercussions.

Discrete, strong, dependable

The high-performance, stable STS-S shatter protection films create an invisible, yet measurable, barrier that keeps glass in its place when outside force is exerted or when the glass is exposed to strong vibrations. This type of protective shield doesn't just protect you from flying glass splinters, but also makes it more difficult for unwanted intruders to enter.

STS shatter protection films meet the highest international industrial standards. Thanks to their high transparency you won't even notice that a barrier is even there, but can always depend on its protection in case you ever need it!